Established in 2012, CarpeVITA Health is a mission-driven company that endeavors to make a positive impact on the health of Americans by providing them with affordable and convenient solutions for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

CarpeVITA Health Networks will transform the health and wellness of America by helping individuals, companies and communities take control of their life, health and wellness using the CV4P™ approach of prediction, prevention, personalization and participation.

The values we base our mission and our products on include the following:

  • We maintain a wellness mindset, always keeping the health of our members at the forefront of all of our decisions.
  • We ensure the finest quality at the best possible value.
  • We hold ourselves to the greatest integrity in our interactions with our providers, our manufacturers, our employees and the consumer.
  • We base our education on physician-directed, evidence-based science.

Memberships to CarpeVITA Health Networks help benefit CarpeVITA Healthy Living Foundation, a non-profit organization we developed in an effort to improve population health across America.

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